Pocket Dungeon Quest

A Casual, Cooperative, Rogue-Like, Tabletop Adventure for 1 to 4 Players
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The Story

For thousands of years the Boss has been in-prisoned in the Dungeon while inhabitants of the land above have enjoyed prosperity and peace. Slowly, and unnoticed, Henchmen have been scouring the world in search of the keys to their Boss’ release, three master Relics! Finally, the Relics are in place and the Boss is nearly free. The only thing standing in his way are a few frail Heroes. Surely they will prove to be no match for him.

Will the Boss break free of his chains and rule once more? Will you stand along side your fellow Heroes and keep the Monsters and their Boss trapped in the Dungeon once and for all? It all depends on you!

The Heroes


The Warrior

You are the Warrior! Your power is in your brute strength. Foes tremble before you, but the traps hidden within the dungeon’s labyrinth could be your undoing. Will you rise to the challenge and restore the world to its former glory?


The Rogue

You are the Rogue! Your cunning ability allows you to move swiftly without notice from the dungeon’s menacing residents. Beware of the Boss. His presence looms overhead, watching your every move. Will you brave the darkness and take back the Relics and bring light back into the world?


The Archer

You are the Archer! Your eagle eye vision can mark an enemy from miles away. Your bow strikes hard and fast and has no equal. Monsters surely outnumber you within the cold caverns of the dungeon. Will you be fast enough to knock back your foes?


The Wizard

You are the Wizard! Your intellect has no equal. Wielding Items and Spells with ease, you have the potential to do harm to your enemies, and much good to your friends. Watch your back, the dungeon does not take kindly to you. Will you keep your mind sharp and unlock its mysteries?

The Game



The Rules

Download .PDF copies of the rules for Pocket Dungeon Quest and Don't Go Alone here.

Pocket Dungeon Quest Remastered Rules

Don't Go Alone Rules