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I am currently working toward a demo for Pocket Dungeon Quest - the Video Game. Below are some concept models and explanation for how the game will potentially look and play. At the moment I am focusing on the design, the mechanics and aesthetic of the game. PDQ-VG will play off the fun parts of the tabletop game, though will not be an identical clone. I don't enjoy playing tabletop games electronically so that experience will be avoided here for sure.

The Pitch:

PDQ-VG is a single and multiplayer rogue-like dungeon crawler that is approachable by the whole family set in a fun and quirky style and driven by lovable characters. The player controls one of four characters, each with their own unique set of skills, guides them through the dungeon to collect the treasure at the end. The dungeon is comprised of tiles that contain things like; monsters, walls, traps, environments, items, companions, pets, and more. These tiles are shuffled and semi-randomly placed to create a unique puzzle each time you play. As you play you will collect treasure and additional tiles to add to your collection.


What makes Pocket Dungeon Quest unique?

  • Easy to learn
  • Cooperative or Solo Gameplay
  • Family Friendly
  • Fun Quirky Style
  • Replayability
  • Community Modding Support

The Story:

A dark force has taken control of the world and is causing division the likes of which has never been seen, the land is being torn apart! The power of darkness grows as each piece of the world is stolen from its place and brought to the Dungeon. Your mission is to take back the world one tile at a time and put an end to the tyranny!

The heroes have come from all corners of the world to combine their forces. Each one brings a unique skillset, only with the power of cooperation can you hope to defeat the evil and bring healing to the world once more.


The player begins by choosing their Hero. There are four Hero types to choose from and each one is armed with their own unique set of skills. The Warrior has increased Strength. The Wizard can use Magic. The Rogue has increased Dexterity. The Archer can attack from a distance. The game can be played Cooperative multiplayer, or Solo. The Hero equips themselves and enters the Dungeon.

The Dungeon is procedurally generated using a collection of tiles the player has encountered in their journey up to this point. Additional tiles are rewarded at the end of each level. The Dungeon starts dark and empty. As the Hero moves forward through the Dungeon tiles reveal themselves and the Hero interacts new Monsters, Items, Environments and Friends.

The main appeal of the gameplay is exploration and collection with the ability to customize your experience as your collection grows. Collection items include; Dungeon Tiles, Monsters, Gems, and Gear.

Combat is kept very simple. As the Hero encounters various Monsters they may either try to avoid the Monster by sneaking past them, or by attacking them. If the Hero chooses to attack they may attempt to Block or Swing through timed button pressed in real time. The Hero is rewarded with XP after each successful kill which they can use to upgrade various states such as, Strength, Dexterity, or Health.

The Dungeon is completed when the Hero collects the Golden Relic at the end. If successful the Player is rewarded with extra Gems and a new Dungeon Tile. The Dungeon Tiles are fed into the mouth of the Dungeon and added to the pool of Tiles used to procedurally generate the next adventure.

Gems can be used back at the Heroes base camp. The Merchant will pass through with new wares after each quest. Here the Hero may spend their Gems to buy additional Gear, Health Items, and Weapons.

The game starts in the overworld where the player has set up a small campsite. The door to the dungeon sits nearby. As challenges are completed new areas of the overworld are unlocked and new tiles can be collected and added to the players inventory.

Dungeon tiles are the heart of PDQ-VG. Each tiles adds new items, monsters, environments or functionality to the game. The more tiles you collect and feed to the dungeon the more intricate and fun your experience will be!
PDQ-VG is set in a variety of locations from classic dungeons to swamps, ocean islands, deserts and mountains. The only limit is your imagination!
The players will encounter fun and quirky characters along their journey, like this Merchant who will buy and sell useful items for use in their travels.

Current Status and Progress

PDQ-VG is building off the foundation of the successful kickstarter for Pocket Dungeon Quest and the expansion, Don't Go Alone. The base mechanics of what made those games fun is the inspiration and building blocks for this project. The goal is to take those core elements and expound on them in ways that can only be done through a living, breathing game world.

I am in the process of refining this concept and looking for my core team to bring this project to life. Next steps is to find financial backing either through crowd funding or sponsors/publishers.

If this project piques your interest and you are familiar with the Unity or Unreal game engines, or would like to talk to me personally about backing this project you may contact me directly at

Obviously, things are still in the very early stages and things will change drastically, hopefully for the better, when the final product comes out.

PDQ-VG Roadmap

Concept Art & Design
(In Development)
Crowd Funding or Sponsors
In Production
QA Testing

The Team

Jeff Dehut - Game Designer, Concept Art, Development

PDQ-VG is an Indie Game created and developed by Jeff Dehut.