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They may be old, or they may be new. For whatever reason I have been playing these three games a whole lot this week. I would like to take a brief look and talk about the things I like and what I dislike about each one. This list is not in any type of order, and I won’t be doing this type of article every week otherwise we would never talk about anything else. So, without any delay here are the top three games that I have been addicted to this week:

Two Dots.

Things I Love: I loved the original game, ‘Dots: A Game About Connecting.’ It was so simple, pleasant to look at and fun! You could easily play with one hand while standing in a grocery line, which is a staple for mobile games. The sequel plays nearly identically to the original, with few exceptions. There are objective to meet each level, which is a nice twist. The cute animations added along the way as your progress through the game provide a very pleasant touch. My favorite part, however, about this game are the excellent illustrations that tie the gameplay in with a cute storyline which is told with subtly. Well done Betaworks One.

Not So Great Stuff: I’m not a huge fan of the trend to turn every game into Candy Crush. For some reason there is a large crowd of developers who have it in their minds that in order to make a game financially successful it has to look and feel like CCS. That idea is like thinking that every restaurant must serve the same type of food, it’s just silly. I could go deeper into this idea in a separate post, I’m holding off for fear of ranting.

Decent Rating: It’s pretty decent! It is free to play so if you’re unsure it is still worth giving a shot. Simply uninstall if you’re not into it.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twodots/id880178264?ls=1&mt=8

Knights of Puzzelot.

Things I Love: I know. It’s a typical match 3 game along the lines of Puzzles and Dragons, though basically built for a more Western audience. P&D is a great game, although it’s level of complexity can turn many people off. Knights of Puzzelot is a much more simplified version of that system. You play a knight who is out to vanquish evil by matching 3 of various items including swords, shields, potions and gold. After each dungeon you take the loot you earned and spend it to level up your hero or their equipment. The illustrations are killer and the sound effects compliment the game very well.

Not So Great Stuff: I have very little to complain about with Knights of Puzzelot. The biggest thing is the Candy Crush level progression. Seriously. This doesn’t need to be in every game. There have been a few times when I have spent all my courage (read, variant on the CCS lives system) and am still wanting to continue playing, but I refuse to spend money on this kind of thing. None of my friends play this game that I can tell so I can’t speak to the social aspects.

Decent Rating: Super decent. If you’re into knights, monsters, leveling up and match 3 games Puzzelot is for you. It is 

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/knights-of-puzzelot/id776882837?mt=8

Hungry Shark Evolution.

Things I Love: This game. Hilarious arcade action at it’s finest! You play a shark out to eat everything in site. Your hunger meter slowly drains as you play so you must continue to eat otherwise you starve to death. While you can eat most everything on the screen there are later predators out to destroy you that you have to watch out for. The better you do, the more your shark levels up and the stronger and faster your shark gets. It really is that simple. The controls are easy to pick up with a virtual d-pad on the right hand corner of the screen with an invisible button in the lower left corner that accelerates your swimming speed for a brief time.

Not So Great Stuff: The daily reward chest is a little tricky to find sometimes since it is found near the bottom of the sea which seems slightly randomly generated each time. Really that’s the only complaint I have about this game. It was made as a simple and fun arcade game and I believe it hits that mark very well. For those who may not appreciate the image of a shark eating innocent swimmers, I’d pass this one up.

Decent Rating: Hilarious. Free to play, but not pushy. Sounds like a win-win.

Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hungry-shark-evolution/id535500008?mt=8

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