Jeff Dehut
Art & Design LLC

I am an Illustrator and Designer living in Louisville, Kentucky. My experience includes; Illustration, Graphic Design, Art & Animation for mobile games, and the Design, Production, Crowd-Funding & Publication of my own tabletop game, Pocket Dungeon Quest.

Illustrations make an impact both on the web and in print. A well made illustration helps you stand out from the crowd. Potential customers are more likely to stop and look when your product or service is accompanied by a unique and colorful illustration. Each creative piece is hand drawn and tailor-made exclusively for you. Contact me for more information or to book a commission at

FREE Business Themed Scribbles for Personal and Commercial Use. I am also available for commissions. Use the Contact Me button below to discuss your next creative project!

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CLICK HERE to download my free coloring sheets.

The intention of these coloring pages is to help alleviate some stress during difficult times. Please make copies of this pdf, share the download link and pass on to others. The only restriction is, this artwork is never for sale in any form. Please enjoy and I hope you find this helpful. (:

~ Jeff Dehut

Download Here